BMW Confounded Over Next Headlamp Design

BMW’s use of dual circular headlights is as much a design icon as the renowned Hofmeister Kink.  But, according to an insider, stylists are running out of ideas for the next generation vehicles.  

“There’s only such much you can do with a couple of adjacent circles, you know,” said the source.  “They’ve had separate dual lamps, joined lamps, headlight surrounds that touch the grille, surrounds that don’t touch the grill, and on and on.”  

The attached photo, smuggled out of BMW’s design studio inside a steaming pile of Kartoffelpuffer, indicates designers will resort to slanted headlights.  “It’s all they’ve got left,” said the insider.  “They realize it makes the car resemble a ’59 Buick, but they’ve tried everything else.”  



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