Astronaut Takes Both Sets of Car Keys Into Space; Wife Pissed

Fortunately, the bus system where we live is pretty good.”  
Soon-to-be-divorced astronaut Beeker Pugg

Astronaut Beeker Pugg, serving aboard the International Space Station, holds up his wife’s car keys

U.S. astronaut Beeker Pugg arrived last week at what will be his new home for the next year–the International Space Station.  

Unfortunately, Pugg apparently forgot to check his pockets before leaving home and inadvertently took both sets of keys for the family’s Nissan Altima into space with him.

“My wife called and was like, ‘Have you seen the keys to the car?’  She was foaming at the mouth she was so pissed,” Pugg laughed.  “Fortunately, the bus stop is close by.”

“F***ing buttmunch space scum,” barked Pugg’s 34-year-old wife Chantix.  “What am I supposed to do, walk to work for the next year? I hope his f***ing space suit rips.”

Chantix Pugg, astronaut’s angry wife

Pugg said he’ll “bring the keys home next October.”  


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