Cobra Replica Owner Distraught After Discovering Glovebox Was Signed by Some Guy Named Darrell Shulky

After saving his money for 15 years, LeBloyne Picnick was finally able to afford the car of his dreams — a Shelby Cobra.  

“Well, it’s actually a replica; I certainly couldn’t afford a real Cobra,” Picnick told Parksplug.  And like many Cobras, Picnick’s replica featured Carroll Shelby’s autograph right there on the glovebox door.  “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Carroll Shelby himself signed his name on my car!  Or so I thought.”  

LeBloyne Picnick's Cobra replica is possibly the only one in existence that was autographed by Darrell Shulky

LeBloyne Picnick’s Cobra replica is possibly the only one in existence that features Darrell Shulky’s autograph

It turns Picnick’s glovebox was actually autographed by some guy named Darrell Shulky.  

“I didn’t even notice it,” said the downtrodden Picnick.  “The day I got the car, I took my friend Eb for a ride and he pointed to the glovebox and said, ‘Who’s Darrell Shulky?'”  

Despite spending hours searching Cobra forums and social media sites, Picnick has yet to discover who Shulky is.  “That’s what I get for buying a replicar, I guess,” he said before burying his face in his hands and sobbing.  



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