BRZ: We Wanted An STI, But Subaru Gives Us An Outback. Damn.

We’ve always been fans of Subaru’s nimble BRZ.  It just needs more engine.

We, along with thousands of BRZ enthusiasts, have waited years for a turbocharged version.  We’d even settle for the 2.0 liter from the milder WRX, although a BRZ with the 305-horsepower STI engine would certainly knock our hats in the creek.

Parksplug spy photographer Nordling Forks apparently cleans his camera lens with butter-flavored Pam.

Well, never mind.  A blurry spy photo indicates that instead of a turbocharged car, we’re getting a high-riding all-wheel-drive BRZ that’s equipped with the same 205-horsepower flat four.

“Last year in the U.S., Subaru sold only one vehicle that wasn’t an Outback or a Crosstrek and that was a Legacy purchased by a chimpanzee life coach from New Hampshire ,” explained automotive consultant Raisin McNabb.  “So it makes sense for them to build a BRZ Outback.”  

All we can say is, “Damn.”  


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