2018 Wrangler Rubicon to Feature Triscuit Seat Covers

The first new Wrangler in more than 10 years is expected to make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show early next month.    

However, Jeep and Nabisco have already confirmed to Parksplug that the ’18 Wrangler Rubicon will be outfitted with grippy new Triscuit seat covers.   

"Like sitting on a cheese grater," is how one Jeep owner described the Rubicon's new Triscuit seats

“It’s like sitting on a cheese grater,” is how one Jeep engineer described the Rubicon’s new Triscuit seats

“These Triscuit seat covers really secure the Rubicon’s occupants during off-road driving,” said Jeep spokesperson Thistle Ringworm.  “Plus, if you get lost in a snowstorm, you can eat the seats.”  

According to Jeep, the Triscuit seats will be available in Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Sweet Onion, Sweet Basil and Original flavors.  




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