Tesla Promises Buyers Will Get Their 2017 Model 3’s “No Later Than 2019.”

Despite taking customer deposits on 450,000 Model 3 sedans, Tesla has built only 12 of them and all of those were used for crash testing, the automaker reported.  

Model 3 assembly line employee Louie Funston tries to figure out what funny-looking part is

Chief Rocketeer Elon Musk, however, assured investors and customers alike that production would pick up.

“Yes, it’s going slower than we thought it would,” Musk acknowledged, adding, “The 2017 Model 3 will probably be available in either sometime early or maybe mid-to-late 2019 or somewhere in there.”

Musk suggested buyers purchase an extended warranty since the standard four-year warranty period will be more than halfway over by the time the owner receives the car.  


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