Your Deceased Pet Can Become Your Car’s New Hood Ornament!

Like most pet owners, Boboli Peterson considered her cat Guff to be a beloved member of the family.  

So after Guff died in a tragic Roomba crash in the foyer of Peterson’s home last fall, the Beaverdell woman had the 16-year-old cat freeze-dried and permanently mounted to the hood of her Audi SQ5.

After being freeze-dried, Guff was affixed to the hood of Boboli Peterson’s Audi

“Now he goes with me everywhere I go,” Peterson said, choking back tears.  Or perhaps just choking.

The company that froze and installed Guff, Petrify, Inc. claims their pet hood ornaments are carwash-safe.  “We also seal the animal with foam so the wind doesn’t whistle through it at highway speeds,” said Petrify spokesperson Pucker Yang.  





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