Armor All Introduces New Protectant Spray for Bald Men

Every car fan in the world (except for Franklin Poinkler of Gabbs, Nevada, that is) has used Armor All to protect and shine the tires of his or her vehicle.  

Now, Armor All is adding another product to its portfolio of waxes, cleaners and protectants.  “With Armor All Bald we’re targeting bald customers who desire  a brilliant head shine,” said spokesperson Taffy Gabby Wooten.   “And just like our other protectants, Armor All Bald not only prevents premature cracking, but also provides necessary emollients.”  

“I wouldn’t know an emollient from an embryo,” admitted Armor All Bald customer Biff Dixon.  But I like the way water beads up on my head when it rains.”  



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