Throwing Someone Under the Bus? Here Are Your Top Two Choices:

Low ground clearance and heavy curb weight make this a winner for throwing someone under the bus

A bus is a bus is a bus, right?  Wrong.  Especially when it comes to throwing somebody under it.

“All coaches are not the same, so if you’re planning to throw someone under the bus, it’s important to choose wisely,” advised Flip Foose, a bus designer who claims to be a distant cousin of the much more famous Overhaulin’ star.

Foose’s favorite? “Any London double-decker bus.  With its low ground clearance and heavy curb weight, throw somebody under this baby and it’ll really do a number on them,” he said, being careful not to provide any grisly details.    

Second choice Navistar bus with its low-hanging front axle is a close second, says Flip Foose

If a London bus isn’t available, Foose recommends Navistar’s IC Series CE school bus as a second choice.  “It has a low-hanging front axle.  You just hear a soft thud and it’s all over.”  


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