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What’s This? A Mid-Engined Shelby GT-350?

We all know a mid-engined Corvette is on its way, but Parksplug spy photographer Chuckles Kamakawiwo’ole said he nearly choked on his leftover Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket sandwich when he glanced over while driving and saw a mid-engined Shelby GT-350…. Read More

BMW Confounded Over Next Headlamp Design

BMW’s use of dual circular headlights is as much a design icon as the renowned Hofmeister Kink.  But, according to an insider, stylists are running out of ideas for the next generation vehicles.   “There’s only such much… Read More

Chevy Will Adopt Phonetic Spelling For Three Hard-to-Pronounce Models, Says Source

Chevrolet — tired of people mispronouncing the names of three of their more popular vehicles — is switching to phonetic spelling, according to our second favorite automotive website, The Morning Constitutional.   Here are the changes: -Silverado becomes… Read More

Owner of Van With Moaning Steering Pump Arrested for Indecency

Police today arrested a local man for indecency after he drove his Pontiac van with a moaning power steering pump past an elementary school several times.   “It sounded like it was having an orgasm,” said witness Tickle… Read More

Caught on Camera: 2019 BMW M3 With Inline 12!

Since its debut, BMW’s M3 has been equipped with four, six and eight cylinder engines.  But the automaker is really upping the ante for the ’19 model year by shoehorning a lightweight inline 12-cylinder engine under an elongated… Read More

Hatchbacks For Humanity Celebrates 10th Anniversary

 Hatchbacks for Humanity, a volunteer organization that builds bland and uninspiring cars for the less fortunate, celebrated its 10th anniversary at its headquarters yesterday with plenty of cake and Diet Squirt to go around.   “Our vision is… Read More

Next Silverado To Go Retro According To Spy Photo

Chevrolet obviously reached way back into its design archives when it came to styling the next-generation Silverado. A nearly undisguised test vehicle caught on camera indicates Chevy is drawing heavily from its so-called Advance Design pickups of 1947… Read More

Chrysler Resurrects Crossfire Name for Stubby Pacifica-Based SUV

Chrysler is bringing back the Crossfire!  Well, sort of.  Unlike the 2004 – 2008 Mercedes-based two-door sports car, the new Crossfire is a more of a peewee Pacifica.   Since FiatChrysler basically took a Sawzall to the Pacifica’s… Read More

Toyota Pins Hopes for Prius Sales Increase on Punctuation

With Prius sales dropping 25% last month from the year before, Toyota officials are taking what they describe as a “bold step” — adding an exclamation point, thereby changing the name slightly to Prius!   “We’re hoping the… Read More

Confused Hackers Hit Local Man’s Equinox Before Equifax Breach, Authorities Say

Before they hacked into credit rating agency Equifax, stealing the personal information of some 140-million Americans — which included actress Renée Zellweger — hackers first mistakenly infiltrated Leon Wixit’s 2017 Chevrolet Equinox, according to some kind of authority…. Read More