Caught on Camera: 2019 BMW M3 With Inline 12!

Since its debut, BMW’s M3 has been equipped with four, six and eight cylinder engines.  But the automaker is really upping the ante for the ’19 model year by shoehorning a lightweight inline 12-cylinder engine under an elongated hood.

“Our existing V-12 is too wide for the M3, so we developed an all-new inline engine,” said BMW spokesperson Posey Tiddle.  

BMW isn’t revealing horsepower and torque figures, but Tiddle claims the turbocharged 12 is exceptionally light and durable thanks to the block and head being constructed of a mixture of titanium and atomized abalone shells.  

As you can see in the photograph, the car’s hood and wheelbase have been stretched more than two feet to accommodate the engine, resulting in a look similar to that of Timberland’s plain toe men’s Chukka shoe.  


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