Company Sells Detachable Front Clip for Embarrassed Minivan Drivers

Minivans are among the most practical vehicles on the road.  It’s just that nobody wants to be seen driving one.  

Poochie Windegard poses with her Toyota Sienna that has been outfitted with the Vincent Van Nose and TRD stickers .

But a company called Vincent Van Nose is now producing a stick-on front clip that they say gives minivans a more macho, SUV-like appearance.  “It’s much more aggressive look,” claimed Bosco Trotsky, a spokesperson for the manufacturer.

The fiberglass nose, which the company says is easily attached using a combination of suction cups, staples and Velcro strips, fits Chrysler vans as well as the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.  

Poochie Windegard, a mother of three, outfitted her Sienna with Vincent Van Nose’s Toyota Sequoia-like front end and then added some TRD stickers she peeled off a parked Tacoma to complete the look.  “I gotta tell you…since we installed the new nose on the van, my self-esteem has skyrocketed.”    



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