Nike Files Suit Against Lexus Over LED Light Design

Too swooshie for Nike

Nike has filed a cease and desist order against Lexus, claiming the automaker copied the footwear company’s “swoosh” logo for the front LED lights on a number of Lexus models.  

“It’s way too “swooshie,” Nike attorney Dollop Fenkersley said of the Lexus design.  “We’re demanding they cease and desist and change it, maybe to an ampersand or an arrow or something.”  

When asked to comment, Lexus spokesperson Sneed Elliott slowly replied, “I’m confused.  Aren’t “cease” and “desist” basically the same thing?  Besides, our design is not a swoosh, it’s sort of a wingding.”  

Upon hearing that, Microsoft, owner the wingding trademark also immediately filed suit against Lexus.





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