Turbo Lag Task Force Just Can’t Seem to Get Going, Facilitator Complains

A five-person task force charged with finding new ways to eradicate turbo lag can be lazy and ineffectual one second and then spring to life almost uncontrollably the next, complained Dingdong Rodriguez, a facilitator trying to motivate the group.  

Turbo Lag Task Force just can't seem to get going says facilitator

Turbo Lag Task Force just can’t seem to get going says facilitator

“It’s aggravating,” said Rodriguez. “I sit there waiting for them to do something — anything,” she said. “And then, all of a sudden, without notice — WHAM! — they spring to life and go like hell.  When that happens, it’s often difficult to control them.” 

“Someone suggested giving them nitrous oxide,” said Rodriguez.  “But that just made them giggle and complain of feeling ‘tingly’ all over.”  


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